My horse has a fever, now what?

A horse with a fever will be lethargic and have a reduced or no appetite. Sweating is also possible. The normal temperature of a horse at rest is between 37,4 - 38ºC / 99.3 - 100.4ºF (for foals this is a little bit higher). It is useful to know the normal temperature of your horse, this can vary from horse to horse. It is advisable to check the temperature several times a day to see how the temperature [...]

A horse that bites, boundaries and will power

Sometimes you see them, a horse that inexorably bites when you approach it. While at other moments this is totally out of the question, the horse has a soft nature. Such a horse that bites is a very good teacher. With the behavior of biting the horse shows you that you are not present in yourself. Thus it tells you to stay away, it has clear boundaries. You are welcome when you are present. [...]

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