Journey through your Soul
with the 4 Directions

Theme ‘Honoring the feminine energy in yourself’

This 4-day year training is aimed at:

To be yourself, to let go of having to;

To take care of yourself, softness;

Contact with mother Earth, life force;

Alertness, boundaries and trust.

We work with the 4 directions according to the corresponding seasons.
Day 1: the West – Autumn, to let go of the old, introspection to find your own answers, how to reach your goal.
Day 2: the North – Winter, silence, what healing and wisdom occurs.
Day 3: The East – Spring, new birth, what new doors opens up.
Day 4: the South – Summer, your relationship with the world, where do you need confidence.
Every day will follow the East, South, West and North.

We focus on to Be ourself, Connection, Inner travel. By caring for your feminine energy, your masculine energy also balances. Together they give the fertility to live your own dreams and wishes in tune with your True Self.

From an atmosphere of silence we feed ourselves with the help of the horses, nature, intuition, a trance journey and sharing experiences.

In this way you can:

Receive insight, awareness and healing about your contact with your feminine energy;

Live in harmony again with your inner source of strenght;

Let yourself be touched by the power of the horses.

Morning: opening, feminine energy, directions, to Be with the horses;
Afternoon: rest, trance journey with the horses, to share experiences, closing.

The final content will be attuned to the group and the moment.

Data: Start september 2021 in the Netherlands

Number of participants:
Maximum of 8 persons, in this way there is enough personal attention for every participant.

The trance journey, guided by the drum of a horse, gives you the opportunity to travel internally to deeper layers of your consiousness. So that insight, healing and strenght can be received from the other dimensions.

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Let’s stay in touch and get inspired!

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